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You can bypass the newest firewall systems with our methods.

We've recently adapted some of our methods to bypass around the latest internet firewalls.

With our methods you can bypass most of the newest server firewalls and take down your target. At the moment we have more than 10 bypass methods for your best use in attacks


With our power of over 300gbps you can easily take down your targets without any problem.


We have multiple bypasses for layer 4 attacks, which can bypass most firewalls at the moment.


Our Layer 7 strength is currently estimated at 17M RPS. With that, its power is extremely high.


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Layer 4 DDoS attacks refer to attacking the real network. It requires a lot of bandwidth. Imagine a store and its customers entering/exiting. We'll say the store is the host you want to attack and people are the packages you're sending to the host. What a DDoS does is literally get everyone quickly, quickly. This makes everything slower and eventually the store will be unavailable because no one will be able to enter. Layer 7 DDoS attacks refer to attacking the application layer of a server. When we say Layer 7, we are not attacking the network itself, but the real applications hosted on the network. Generally, when we talk about Layer 7 attacks, we usually talk about HTTP DDoS attacks. In the XML-RPC scenario.

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